Theft in office


Congress returns for three-week sprint to salvage health care bill

Congress returns Monday from its Fourth of July break to face a critical three-week sprint during which Republican leaders hope to resolve key stalled issues before leaving town again at the end of the month for the long August recess.

Are these people for real??  I just did a post a few days ago on the same shameful topic.

Aren’t these DC clowns ashamed of themselves? I answered my own question.

Congress’s 4 letter word they hate to use – WORK

How in the name of whatever we want to label this, can this MO by our high paid, under-worked representative be justified?  For that matter, how can their MO be an approved standard on how these DC clowns operate or should I say, do not operate. It is shameful, sinful and a mockery to the American people that this type of featherbedding is permitted. In the streets it is called inter-coursing the canine. Use your imagination.

They ALL remind me of a fire department leaving for a vacation while their fire house is burning to the ground.

Our country is literally falling apart at the seams in so many different areas and we are stuck with part-time politicians. These are the people that we put in our confidence to try to rectify the deplorable conditions this country is in. What did they give us back in return, part-time employment for full-time benefits. They all are a disgrace without a conscience.

What makes these conditions even worse, when they do show up on the job they never accomplish anything.

I am positive, if we would ask any of the over-paid, under-worked parasites their opinion on their working arrangement, they would tell us they work their asses off.

As a matter of fact, I see there is a new poster circulating of a congressman trying to explain his view of the subject that says it very well.


How can there ever be a resolution to this dilemma the American people have with their worthless/non-working representatives, when they are the people that write the rules governing their own activities?  OH, they even approve their own pay raises.

I did a piece the other day about paying sports figure by the incentive program. That would not be a bad idea with the pathetic politicians. They get paid by their performances.

I can say one thing with a great degree of certainty; if those were the ground rules today, they all would be walking around with their asses hanging out, bare footed and starving.

It is an absolute slap in the face, punch in the stomach and kick in the goolunies for every taxpaying American that they have such worthless people claiming to represent them.

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I usually have a decent ending to all of my posts. This one I am at a loss for words. I guess that speaks loud enough.

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