This piece was sent to me by The Goomba Gazette’s roving reporter, cousin Andre that lives in LA.

The Truth from Two Old Marines!


Quote from a WWII veteran overhearing someone say that `You can’t bomb an ideology.”:
“The hell you can’t, because we did it. These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese The Japs had their suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can’t stomach And until you can, this shit won’t stop.
It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities, killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took two atom bombs on top of it! Plus, we had to bomb the shit out of German cities to get them to quit fighting. But, if that was what it took to win, we were willing to do it.
Until you are willing to do the same…well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain’t going to stop! Back then, we had leadership, resolve, resources and determination. Today we’re afraid to hurt people’s feelings….and worry about which bathroom to piss in!”
I have done at least a dozen posts on the same subject. The element of degenerate terrorists as well as street gangs only understand and will respect one thing. Someone or something that is more violent than they are.
The animals ( I really hate insulting our four legged friends) absolutely mistake kindness, compassion and benevolence as weaknesses.
To a very large percentage of our population has never been exposed to extreme violence. All they know is what they see on the internet or the telly. If any person has not lived in those environments, it is impossible for them to comprehend that such animals exist and can be so sadistic.  They see it on the news while they are eating supper – they read about it on the internet, then go back to their little safe surroundings. Society in general has become anesthetized to the violence and somehow can not connect with the reality of it.
I really feel sorry for people that have been sheltered all their lives.  The LOVE everyone, everyone is there friend after meeting them for 5 minutes, the are gullible and live in a fantasy world bubble where, in their mind, it is impossible for such animals to exist. To them it is like a video game.
I have a news flash. What they see on the internet and the telly is real and as the commercial says; it may be coming to your area.
Dealing with these savages has to be done in a clandestine manner, quick, without reservations and in a brutal fashion, so their survivors remember who put them under the sod.  IF – IF – IF not, the terrorists and the street gangs will never be crushed. PC is not the answer. It has been tried for years and the proof of it’s ineffectiveness is in the pudding.
Tell me the last war the USA has won. Tell me that all is well in the Windy City.
If there ever was a poster boy for PC-ness and arrogance, it is this piece of work.
Take it from this Jar Head and the two older tough ass gentlemen that came before me; What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence they understand.
If some people are too weak minded or do not have the stomach to deliver a resounding and final killing blow to these animals; they might as well lay down in the streets and become another statistic.
There is a lot to be said for the wisdom and advice of the ones that have been there.
Intelligent/realistic people listen with an open mind and act accordingly; fools keep making the same mistakes over and over and never really get it.
Does it all sound barbaric? It was meant to be. Never take a baseball bat to a gun fight.
Take it from a lady that lived it.
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