Throw the whole election out



07/08/2017 02:22 pm ET

Iowa Woman Pleads Guilty To Voting Twice For Donald Trump

The way I see it; the entire election should be null and void, thrown out and do it all over again. That is how critical some news agencies make it sound that they found A women that voted for PDT twice. Go take a nap!!

I wonder if the Boulder Rolling Media knew that some dude in Macon, Georgia was scratching his goolunies while waiting in line to vote or about some bimbo who showed up to vote topless; got all of the male voters so excited and they forgot who they came to vote for. Didn’t hear anything about that.

Come on BRM (boulder rolling media), can’t you find anything better to do a story on?  I even heard that PDT may have pissed in his pants when he was 6 years old?? I never heard anyone report on that.

Time to move on. The election have been over for 9 months and the demolosers got their butts beat and STILL can not accept it.

There has to be a combined total of millions of man hours and million of dollar$ spent in an attempt to discredit PDT by the Boulder Rollers and put the burn on him, all to no avail. Time to move on.

The BRM put up with and essentially excused what Wild Bill did in office that was far worse than any other president did while sitting in the Big Chair. And who was under his desk as he sat there??

Wild Bill should have absolutely been impeached for his extra curricular activities but was given a gigantic pass because he is a liberal-a-crat.

Absolute proof of double standards:

Wild Bill said exactly the same things PDT has been pushing to combat the out of control immigration. WB was given a standing ovation but PDT was booooed out of the building. Talk about liberal-a-crat.

What is good for the goose should be good for the moose.

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