Puppet may be puppeteer???

Holder 2020? Ex-Obama attorney general reportedly mulls run

If some of the American people thought they got a bad shake from Obama; just think of the throttling Erik Holder will give them.


Fox News is reporting that Holder; remember the guy that said at his first speech as the AG for the USA; all Americans are a nation of cowards; yes, the same guy is considering running for the Big Chair in 2020.


Yes; the same guy that said; he says a lot of things about race that Obama would like to say but can’t or won’t. The same guy.


Holder had no compulsion letting the world know he was and probably still is a racist.

By comparing Holder to Mr. O; I would say it would be like jumping from the frying pan into a raging forest fire.  Can we even imagine a man with his philosophies being the Commander-in-Chief? I think it is frightening.

It is bad enough when anyone has personal feelings about an issue but keeps it to them-self, but that was not Holder’s MO. He came right out publicly and declared himself.

I know it is difficult for some people to understand how the game of politics should be played. These are the facts. When a person, any person, no matter what race, color or creed they are, who their daddy is, is elected to any office in the Land of the Free, they are suppose to represent ALL people not only a selected few.

That person is expected to go into office, not with a personal axe to grind but to represent all people, of all race and nationalities on an equal basis. That was not Obama’s or Holder’s intentions. They wore their heart on their sleeve and not the least bit hesitant to display their feelings publicly.

Is this the kind of person we want to elect in 2020?? It may be some voters idea of a great candidate but not mine.

There are so many possibilities of the world’s conditions going haywire between now and then that will change the course of which way an election may go. I think this very premature speculating who will be tapped by either party.

It is amusing but not surprising to me; as soon as any person has the political bug bite them and they are elected or appointed to any office; they are hooked for life.  They absolutely revel in the glitz, glamour, attention and power they receive attached to being a politician.

But, always the BIG BUT; speculation for me, now or any other time of the Puppet becoming the puppeteer and sitting THE BIG CHAIR is a big:




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