Policemen for the world

Poland wants Trump’s vow of protection from Russian activity

Fox News

Poland’s government would like visiting President Donald Trump to make assurances this week that the presence of U.S. and NATO troops in Poland will continue as long as the region’s security is threatened by Russia, the foreign minister said Monday.

I do understand that in the BIG PICTURE of world affairs, there are many extenuating circumstances that are not visible to the average person.  That being said; it still does not satisfy me that the USA is the policemen for the entire free world.

The USA has been in more predicaments throughout the years, 99% of which have not been on our soil but across the pond defending other countries.  The way I see it, our country has gone above and beyond the call of duty defending others. In the mean time, or benevolence has cost us trillions of dollars – 100’s of 1,000’s of live and 10’s of 1,000’s of permanently disabled people.

I do understand; if we fight the enemy across the pond, that MAY prevent us from having to fight them on American soil. That is so far!

For the Polish government and the rest of the countries around the world that lean on the USA to defend them, they are asking too much. How can the Polish government want PDT to VOW to protect them from Russian activity?


 noun: vow; plural noun: vows
  1. 1.
    a solemn promise.
    synonyms: oath, pledge, promise, bond, covenant, commitment, avowal, profession, affirmation, attestation, assurance, guarantee

By the USA choosing sides, some decisions have put our country at risk with the relations with Russia and China who are salivating at the chance to stomp the USA into the ground.  Don’t be taken-in by all of the handshakes, smiles and bows.

What separates countries like Russia and China from the USA; they have little regard for human life and could care less if they lost a few million people if they could come across the pond and crush the USA.

Their twisted mentality and lack of respect for human life in that part of the world has been demonstrated time after time.  Take a good look at the Syrian madman, Assad. What kind of inhuman person would use deadly gasses, let alone on their own people? There is very strong evidence that Russia has done the same.


My question is; just how far should the USA be expected to go protecting other countries?

The way the world is turning with North Korea, Iran, Russia, China being a threat to the USA, I don’t think it is a stretch to say, we are all sitting on a time bomb waiting for it to explode.

That being said, the USA should devote our resources to protecting our main land.

Is it a pleasant thought of having all the countries we have been protecting for decades to go it on their own. Absolutely not BUT, always the BIG BUT; how much is ever enough??

For the Polish government or any other government to ask PDT to VOW to protect them; in my opinion, they are asking too much.

In many of the countries that we have either invaded illegally or we are asked for assistance; they have been living the same miserable existence for  100’s or 1,000’s of years and it never is going to change, regardless of how much help we give them. That has already been proven.

In the meantime; the benevolent USA has drained it’s coffers in the process and our involvement has cost us in immeasurable ways that have not made any difference, except making their situation worse.

Can anyone tell me, in which one of these conflicts/wars where we have gone in to rescue the people from their own governments; which one of these conflicts/wars have we own? What is in the middle of this circle?


Are any of these countries better off now then before we invaded them?

Let us be hypothetical and say; if some of the conflicts/wars we got into, we were victorious, that may have been worth it.  That is not the case. The Big Bad USA with all of it’s military might went into the countries, where we did not belong and go the shit kicked out of us. IF – IF – IF we would have come away the victor, then we could say it MAY HAVE been worth it.

If the USA is so powerful, why did we lose all of the conflicts/wars we got ourselves into? Many or most of them were started by war-mongers for profit.  AND, the BIG AND; we fought the wars the PC way instead of fighting to win.

These absolute PC-idiots have not come to the realization that in order to win a war, there are no rules except to win. They must be fought hard, fast and to win by whichever means it takes.

As sad as it is; until this very day, I have not seen any government official, starting with the presidents all the way down the chain of command; not one of them took the rap for all of the defeats our country suffered.

What did GWB do for the troops because of his poor decision making or greed; where he was instrumental in putting them in sick bay?  Charged the vets $100,000.00 to $peak at one of their events.


To top it off/icing on the cake; GWB insisted on a private jet to fly him to and from the event; that cost the vet another 20 G’s

A prime example of a patriotic politician.

The comment/statement that sticks out the most in my mind came from that despicable excuse for a person, Dick Cheney (at least they got his first name right):

Dick Cheney: I Have No Regrets About the Iraq War



Based on the outcome of that war and others, just considering the human casualties; what kind of heartless person could make a statement as he did?? Cheney has to be one of the despicable people on the planet.

I have always said and will continue to say; charity begins at home.

At this juncture, the USA is hanging by a thread, financially and militarily trying to maintain it’s own survival let alone VOWING to protect any other countries.

I don’t have the complete answer but one fact I do know; the USA can not stretch itself any thinner than it has already. charity begins at home.

There comes a time in our lives when it comes down to; every man for himself.

I just hope that PDT is very careful on the commitments he makes.


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