Nothing like a face to face


Trump, Putin to hold bilateral meeting

This Friday will be the first time the two most powerful men in world meet face to face.

For quite sometime, the Boulder Rollers in the USA have been trying to make a dishonest connection between PDT and The Judo Guy; attempting to dig up some dirty deals between them. All they have came up with was hot air and their Ship of Fools adolescent behavior.

In the world of true leaders; the parties sit down across from one another, look the person dead in the eyes and air out their differences. In the world of Boulder Rollers and the Ship of Fools; they sit in very dark corners, manufacture or embellish stories and try to discredit people that they feel threatened by.

I am thrilled to see PDT and Putin finally will get to meet one another and dispel all of the nonsense and fake news the media has stirred up between the two men.

Although, I do not agree with many of The Judo Guys tactics on how he runs his country; it is really none of the USA’s or anyone else business what he does.

People can say what they want. If they want to be truthful; Sad-HAM and Kid-OFFE were son of a bitches and very brutal dictators. BUT, always the BIG BUT; they had the terrorists under control.  Those countries on the whole, were better far off before the USA illegally invaded them and open up a garbage can of worms that is still producing adverse repercussions today. There is no end in sight.

If and when the USA becomes perfect; and I don’t see that happening; then they can preach to other countries as to how to take care of business.

I believe that there is unity in numbers. The more countries that can group together to combat terrorism and other problems we have plaguing the world, the better off we are.



I said this when ISIS first came out of the Killing kloset. If the world wants to rid itself of all terrorists, ALL  of the SUPERPOWERS have to put their differences aside, unite, kiss and makeup  and take care of business. After they accomplish their mission, then they can go back to hating one another.

I still stand by my opinion today. Anyone that has the least little military experience/savvy  has to agree with me. This is survival FOLKS!!!!

The entire world is in jeopardy, not just one country. IF – IF – IF mankind wants to rid itself of the terrorists in this world ALL  of the SUPERPOWERS have to put their differences away, unite, kiss and makeup  and take care of business. After they accomplish their mission, then they can go back to hating one another.

If the Judo Guy and PDT can see eye to eye on the world problems, that will be one step forward for both of them and one giant step for mankind. I know, I half plagiarized.


I am anxious  see what discrepancies the Boulder Rollers can invent/conjure up when the two world leaders get together.

Nothing like a face to face meeting to see the true nature of the person you are dealing with.

Possibly, after the meeting, the two men will get on the mats and practice a few take-downs, then go play 36 holes.

8.jpg        index.jpg

I am optimistically cautious that they are going to hit it off very well. That will be a big shot in the arm for the entire world.

BUT, always the Big BUT; keep your eye on the hog and your finger in the trigger.


Happy 4th of July to all of the patriotic people in the USA.  This is your country; in these troubled times, it needs all the support it can get.



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