Got a loaf of bread under each arm and still bitching


Sammy Watkins Tweets NFL Players ‘Gotta Get Paid More’

It appear that the Buffalo Bill”s wide receiver  Sammy Watkins thinks he is not making enough  $oldi. The way Sammy sees it; Gotta Get Paid More!!


Seems that Sammy is looking to the heavens for more $$$$ to fall from the sky.  Better watch out for those Sea Gulls coming off of Lake Erie.

Sammy  had less than a stellar record in 2016 with 28 receptions for 430 yards and two touchdowns, missed half of the season due to injuries but still thinks he is under paid. Just how much is enough for some of these prima-donna’s?

This is the way I see all sports should be regulated; it is called incentive performance.  I have always been an advocate of rewarding good performances with higher pay. If the athletes play well, they should be paid well.

All athlete, regardless of which sport they play, should be paid on a performance basis. They should all start out with a base pay of about 100 G’s a year. That may even be too generous.  (many of them spend more then that on jewelry in one day)

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If they perform well they get paid more, if they perform poorly, all they get is the base pay. What can be more fair then that?  Talk about production on the field  sky rocketing.

Many of the super-star athletes suffer from the pampered brat syndrome. They are so used to getting more attention than a new born baby and think they have it coming.

The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2017: Behind The Numbers


The 100 highest-paid athletes earned a collective $3.11 billion in 2016.  That is some serious $oldi.

I am not rolling boulders at the players for getting all they can. I blame the team owners for coughing up that kind of money, they are nuts. BUT, always the BIG BUT; I do blame some of the players for having the crying towel out, especially the ones that are on the skids.

Got a oaf of bread under each are and still bitching!!

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