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One of a kind

Every once and awhile (rarely) do we have to privilege of meeting and having a relationship with someone like Paul Angelo Sciria. The man was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. Obituary Paul age 88, passed away peace- fully … Continue reading

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When it comes to degenerate imbeciles ….

Killing Trump: The left’s violent assault on an American president Hollywood wants President Trump to sleep with the fishes. They want him dead – decapitated – his bloody entrails splayed across the Rose Garden for all of the world to … Continue reading

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Depp went too deep

CNN Johnny Depp: ‘When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?’ Is this ignoramus trying to send a subliminal message to some crack-pot out there??  I think it is about time fools like Depp are held accountable for … Continue reading

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Harry & Crew don’t want the hassle

Huffington Post In a recent interview; Prince Harry admitted that neither he or any of the other young royals want to sit in Britain’s Big Chair Prince Harry, along with Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are preparing … Continue reading

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Brilliant BUT will never fly

President calls for barring immigrants from welfare for five years If the USA is willing to take that gigantic forward, it would save the country over $103 billion in welfare benefits per year. The Heritage Foundation Direct benefits. These include … Continue reading

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Is the Sleeping giant awake??

Republican Handel wins Georgia special House election I have been wondering where the hell SILENT MAJORITY has been hiding for so long or if they even existed anymore. It looks like the old mentality; the person that spends the most … Continue reading

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TOOOO many adjectives!!

Huntington Post Rep. Steve Scalise’s Life Was Saved By A Black Queer Woman. Here’s Why That Matters. In my opinion a big part of the racial discourse in this country stems from the fact that everyone, especially the media, always … Continue reading

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