Something is hanging out of his nose

GOP lawmakers blast Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ tweets

If PDT has one very big hang-up, it is that thing hanging out of his nose that he is refusing to blow it out and get rid of it.  It seems that everyone sees it but him.

His obsession to tweet is way beyond being ridiculous. This is something teen-aged kids do that forget how to verbally communicate.

I have done at least a half a dozen or more posts criticizing this juvenile behavior of his.

For a person that is supposedly tight lipped about many things, he certainly is not when it comes to his instantaneous opinions. PDT claims tweeting is his expeditious way of communicating to the public.  I say; especially a man in his position has many other ways at his disposal to get the word out.

PDT; if you are reading the Goomba Gazette as you should, put that tweety machine in the bottom drawer of your desk and lock it up.  You are making yourself look like a fool.

PDT should not be giving the Boulder Rollers anymore ammunition then they already have.

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