Cardinal broke the cardinal rule ……

Fox News

Vatican cardinal hit with sex assault offenses takes leave, will fight charges

It appears that this high-level sinner, Cardinal Pell is hanging his head in shame as he leaves his home in Rome. He should be!!


Australian police charged a top Vatican cardinal on Thursday with multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault offenses, a stunning decision certain to rock the highest levels of the Holy See.

The key words of the accusations are, multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault offenses. Not 1, not 5, but multiple counts of offenses. According to reports, this serpent in priests clothing sinful activities go back many years.

That being said; I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Main Pope Man did not know about this his hideous hobby.  It is almost impossible to keep such derogatory information/details a secret.  With someone as close to the pope as his book-keeper; it is hard to believe they were not aware sinful ways.

Being a pedophile is probably one of the worst accusations that can be leveled against any let alone a priest, let alone a bishop, but a cardinal committing such an outrageous act is too large for a sin, it is a sacrilege.

Just like any many other cases, where there have been multiple accusations, they usually are not trumped up charges.

The fact that Pell is the head cashier/bookie for the Vatican has nothing to do with the sexual misconduct charges against him. BUT, Always the BIG BUT, when a person has the proclivity of sticking their hand, or something else, into the cookie jar, I would contend that their integrity in all areas should be challenged.

In what other occupation can a person get, free meal, free board, a car, a person to cook their meals and clean their house? That is on top of many other perks the priesthood offers. I ask; what are they giving back in return??? Comfort? Go buy a good mattress and pillow.

The priesthood has been like a fabulous buffet for gay men to have access to young kids.

Rev. Donald B. Cozzens wrote a book a few years back suggesting that as much as 58 percent of priests were gay, and the percentages were even higher for younger priests.

 Another Catholic priest who just happens to be gay, had a unique observation. Father Gary Meier,  Says.  there’s a wide range of statistics out there on gay priests, but jokes that in his experience, “30 percent are gay, 30 percent are straight, and 30 percent are in denial.”

It is a real disgrace, through the years these sexual deviates have been concealed and protected by their superiors and for the most part have gone totally ignored. The only time their perverted sins were brought to the forefront is when the Catholic religion could not deny the accusations anymore. There were just too many accusers.

To date, it has cost the sinning church billions of dollars to pay off people the unholy pedophiles molested.

NCR Research

The U.S. Catholic church has incurred nearly $4 billion in costs related to the priest sex abuse crisis during the past 65 years, according to an extensive NCR investigation of media reports, databases and church documents.

That total does not include the estimated 2.3 billion annually they lost from disgruntled parishioners that quit giving or got the hats/bonnets.  Folks, it is and has been from the inception of religion, all about THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR$.

It is a greater sin on their protectors than it is on the perverted priest perpetrators. The pedophiles are supposedly sick in the head, where their protectors supposedly are not.

If these low-life sexual deviates were identified and thrown into the slams the time of their first offense, 1,000’s of young people would not have to have their lives destroyed by a person of the cloth they were taught to trust and respect.

The sinning scenario by a very sick bastard of the cloth that sticks out in my mind the most is;

Father Murphy may have molested as many as 200 boys while he worked at the school from 1950 to 1974, according to the accounts of victims and a social worker hired by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to interview him.

Yes; the activities of this sick bastard were covered up for years, leaving him to PRAY on 100’s of disabled students.

It is difficult to determine who is the greats sinner, the perverted priest or their protectors.

The old rule of thumb in the Catholic religion is; god forgives all sins. No one can convince me, if there is a god, he/it would forgive degenerates like this.


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