Talk about the shame of it all ….

Michigan mother pleads guilty to having sex with teenage boys

Gotta be the 7 year itch for some oversexed ladies that had their novelty light burn out after a few years of marriage and they felt an overwhelming need to go AWOL.

Brooke Lajiness, 38, admitted during a pretrial hearing to having intercourse and oral sex with the minors, a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy, reported.


Most of her extra curricular activities took place in her car. We can call that a cheap date.

Brooke and people like her have to be mentally disturbed, just like a junkie. The junkie knows that what they are shooting into their arm is going to take them down, but the urge and desire overtakes their commonsense and their ability to resist. They gotta have it even with all the risks involved.

One would think that; for the sake of the shame their HOBBY is going to bring on their family, they would take a cold shower when mister temptation comes a knocking.

I can just imagine the harassment her kids and husband are subjected to because of her hot drawers.

Will this serve as an example to outer ladies to keep their legs crossed?? I really doubt it.

A poor example but it is a comparison. The out-of-control rogue cop knows they are on video but they still shoot or beat a person with no justification. Now they are really on top of the stupid chart.

Like I said many times. If Wild Bill would have gotten it on with someone closer to his age, I would not have thought as poorly of him as I did and still do. His roll in the hay or play-time under his desk was with a girl only 6 years older then his own daughter.

There is an Italian saying that fits this guy to a “T” – Senza volto

These nympho-ladies just have a thing for the young kids.  Probably like shopping for bananas.  Which banana is the shopper got to pick out of the food bin; the old withered, discolored one or the young green hard one?

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Food for thought.

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