Feeble- minded hammer slammer

This feeble- minded hammer slammer, Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky is one of the primary reason some girls and ladies do not report sexual assaults. Either they have a completely ignorant jury or a feeble-minded hammer slammer wearing the robe of injustice. In the long run, they turn the victim into the offender.

Where is the justice for the ladies.


Activists seeking to recall a judge who sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman say they believe voters will still support the effort even if it appears on the ballot two years after the trial.

Brock Turner, this pimpled faced runt, sexually assaulted a very foolish young  lady that was passed out by a dumpster after a night of boozing.


Guys like Turner find it difficult to get a women though their own volition, so they patrol like dogs in heat, out of the way places like dumpster and dark alleys looking for a passed out female.

Prosecutors wanted to throw the book at the kid and give him a six-year sentence for each charge after a jury found him guilty of three felony sexual assault counts. But the feeble-minded hammer slammer Persky sentenced Turner to six months in jail, citing the “extraordinary circumstances” of his youth, clean criminal record and other considerations.

If this nit-wit judge had a daughter that was raped by someone like Turner, would he have the same sentiments??

Maybe a little extreme but; I am sure at one time in Jeffery Dahmer’s life, he was a good kid too.

The punk kid was released early for good behavior and only spent three months behind bars.

That is sending a hell of a message to all the other horny toads out there.

We must remember; years back, rape carried a death penalty sentence.


Argued March 28, 1977
Decided June 29, 1977
Full case name Erlich Anthony Coker v. State of Georgia
Citations 433 U.S. 584 (more)

97 S. Ct. 2861; 53 L. Ed. 2d 982; 1977 U.S. LEXIS 146
Prior history After he escaped from prison, the defendant raped an adult woman. He was convicted and sentenced to death, which was upheld by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Through the years, with all of the promiscuity going on in our modern, no bars held society, the authorities figured that if they enforced the death penalty for rape cases, 1/100th of the male population would become acquainted with Old Sparky.


I may be a little old schooled but I believe that there was a lot less crimes of all sorts in the 30’s – 40’s and 50’s. Hence I like the old cliche; give me back the old days anytime.

The justice system has to star protecting the ladies.

I said this many times. Even if the lady is a hooker and she says no; it is no!!

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