Depp went too deep


Johnny Depp: ‘When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?’

Is this ignoramus trying to send a subliminal message to some crack-pot out there??  I think it is about time fools like Depp are held accountable for their inflammatory conversations and statements.

We have seen it time after time where a screw-ball picks up on some wacked out celebs innuendo and follows through with it. I still believe; people that make serious threats or suggestive comments that may jeopardizes any presidents security, should be held accountable. So far, PDT has gone way beyond what should be expected in the tolerated department.

There should be a special cell in Sin Sing set up for these nut jobs. That way, they can all be together 24 hours a day and tell each-other just how wonderful they are.

Society gives some people too much credit in the IQ and commonsense departments because of who they are. Depp fits right in with the rest of them; right Alec and the bloody Head Lady (what the hell is her name)??

This is the comment Depp made while in the UK. “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?”

Only people with a warped sense of humor, demented mind or a sub-zero intelligence level would find humor in comments like that.

My question is; when is the last time one of the Boulder Rolling fools had the shit slapped out of them??

I know, to some of the PC-ers out there, that may sound a little harsh.  They have to understand; sometime there is only one means of communications some people understand.

Depp and many of the Boulder Rollers are held in very high esteem by some because of their positions in life as celebrities. BUT, the BIG BUT; they have demonstrated their ignorance by their comments or actions when it comes to going overboard with chopping up PDT.

Many of the fools really believe they are funny. I think they are pathetic. Five year old kids do not behave as juvenile as they do. If it was not for who they are; the public would not look at them twice.

They have the illusion they have to be prophetic or funny ever-time they open that food trap.  The fact of the matter is; many of them are so insecure, their ranting, raving and innuendos helps to cover up their insecurities and give them a gigantic ego boost.

There is an old Italian saying I think they should all take a good look at; Se non puoi fare niente meglio, chiudi il cazzo!

I am tired of hearing about the Boulder Rollers trying to politically execute PDT every chance they get. These fools/politicians have spent millions of taxpayers dollars, wasted very valuable time where they could be putting their efforts to better uses like; reducing the unemployment rate – poverty – crime – out of control gang activity – terrorism – EDUCATION – the national debt that seems to have been dismissed like it doesn’t exist – our infrastructure that is crumbling – cleaning up the deplorable cities. So far in their witch hunts, all of their efforts have only produced a lot of hot air.

To the politicians, serious social issues are not the ones that gets the ink, so they stay away from them.  They are too busy planning where to go on their vacation. A vacation is supposed to be taken/enjoyed by someone that works for a living.

JFK said; My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  Our politicians have completely reversed that message.

I guess I am going to have to add Depp to the passenger list on the Ship of Fools;


there doesn’t seem to be any end to their ignorance.


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