Harry & Crew don’t want the hassle

Huffington Post

In a recent interview; Prince Harry admitted that neither he or any of the other young royals want to sit in Britain’s Big Chair

Prince Harry, along with Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are preparing to modernize the British monarchy. But that doesn’t mean anyone actually wants to wear the crown. 


“We are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people,” Prince Harry recently revealed in a candid interview with Newsweek. “Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.” 


That may be all well and good, BUT, always the BIG BUT. I would love to see if all of them would want to give up the perks they now have, associate with their positions in life and work at Mickey D’s for the rest of their life.

Harry and the clan should know, that what they have comes with the territory. I think it is a safe assumption to say; that have had it made in the shade all of their lives.

Harry and his brother William are both worth in the neighborhood of 40 million. They didn’t accrue that kind of $oldi from delivering the London Times with their Red Raider wagons.

It should be mandatory for them to serve as the Royal Family or if they decide to get their hats, they must surrender all of the wealth they have acquired. I can only imagine if that decision would have an impact on their decision.

I used to see Prince Charles stand, posing with his hand in his jacket pocket and wonder how he would handle a 90 air hammer for 12 hours a day?

images        7

The concrete dust would be a little tough on his Tom Ford shoes that go for about 8 grand a pair.



I would think some of the Brits would call what the royals want; can’t have the crumpets and eating them too.

Cheerio – pip pip or hasta la vista Lads





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