TOOOO many adjectives!!

Huntington Post

Rep. Steve Scalise’s Life Was Saved By A Black Queer Woman. Here’s Why That Matters.

In my opinion a big part of the racial discourse in this country stems from the fact that everyone, especially the media, always has to place a label on someone.

Take the headline on this article. It did not have to categorize the heroic lady that save the lives of numerous people in the shooting on the baseball field.

Is it just me or was Huntington Press disrespecting Crystal Griner by referring to her as a queer black women?  I would think that describing her as a Capitol policewomen would suffice; her picture will tell the readers her race. As far as being a queer, as they described her; who really cares. I thought that homosexual or gay was appropriate.


Many time the least amount of adjectives used the better.

My hat is off to the lady cop and her partners in the Capitol Police Department for doing a stellar job. The outcome would have been a lot more disastrous if they did not step up to the plate.




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