Just a matter of time

Former UFC Fighter Tim Hague Dies at Age 34

I have been waiting for years knowing that someday there would be someone killed in the UFC fighting cage.  I am not sure if Hague was it’s first victim.


The punches and especially the kicks the pugilists take in the head are devastating.  If a person never had received a shot to the head before, it would come as big surprise to them as to how traumatic getting punched or kicked in the head can be.

Mostly any part of the body; the legs, mid-section, shoulder, arms can be conditioned for such assaults but the computer that sits on top of our shoulder is an entirely different element.  It is only a matter of time, with repeated blows to the head that something is going to snap.

To my knowledge, there have not been any long-range studies on the after-affects  to the MMA fighters.  Not that it would make any difference to the promoters. It is all about the dollars. I see many of them winding up in a wheel chair not knowing their own names.

Just to show how lucrative the sport is; Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta bought the failing organization for $2 million.  Last year they sold it for 4 BBBBillion.


Beating the shit out of one another for sport goes back in history since the beginning of time.  Spectators love to see violence.  Why to people go to the car races; mostly, not to see who the winner is but to see the spectacular wrecks of vehicles running at 200 miles per hour.

I have to admit I am a avid follower of MMA but just for the sport of it not to see anyone getting their brains scrambled. There is a particular fascination with the techniques and body skills some of the fighters have developed that are true martial artists.  It takes years of dedication and hard work to achieve the martial skills some of the men and ladies have.

For the most part, not all, the MMA bouts I have watched have been highly scrutinized by the referees, stopping the fight when one of the opponents had enough.  Some of them could have been stopped sooner.

It is too bad that an art form which was developed for self-defense evolved into a violent sport that has cost many people their lives. That is the way the world turns.


As long as the stadiums are filled, pay-per-view sells as it does, the sponsors continue to back the organization, the blood letting will continue.

What draws these men and women into the square circle, the possibility, a very slim one of a gigantic payday.

In the up and coming fight between Mayweather and McGregor, McGregor will make around $100 million and Mayweather,  make well over $200 million. That is some serious cha-go-dia in anyone books.

Take a look at what the effects of rope-a-dope were on Muhammad Ali.

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