Is my heart bleeds for them – NOT

Cartel Wives: Women whose husbands worked for, then brought down El Chapo tell their story

Just like all the other mob wives; they know what the deal is, where their husbands have their dirty hands.  They enjoy all of the perks and celebrity that come with the big money of crime and selling drugs; now when their house of cards crumbles, I find it difficult to feel sorry for them.

The two ladies, Mia and Olivia are daughters of Chicago police officer. They married two brothers Pedro and Margarito Flores when they were small time street punks in the drug trade. Because of their cunning-ness and evil street smarts, they rose to be the top drug pushers in “El Chapo” Guzmán’s Sinaloa drug cartel in the United States.

Somewhere down the line; there had to be a very good reason; the two brothers dropped a dollar on El Chapo.  The information the brothers provided the authorities assisted in the arrest and bringing down of El Chapo. They are suppose to testify against him in court next year.

I really doubt if the drug trade lost any steam on account of getting El Chapo off the street.  The authorities want us to believe it but I don’t think so.

There had to be heat coming form somewhere for the brothers to rat on their boss. I find it hard to believe that one day the two drug king pins woke up and decided to become the good guys, stand-up citizens.

Now their wives, who benefited financially by the killing and destroying of 100’s, possibly 1,000’s of lives of the people hooked on the drugs their husbands sold, are in hiding. I would say that goes with the territory.  They knew what the hell their husbands were doing, lived life in high fashion for many years; now the violin is out because they do not have a life.

I often wondered, for one reason not to sell drugs; do the drug pushers, large and small, ever stop to consider how many lives they are destroying? They live in the lap of luxury, are glorified by many idiots of their same mentality, held in high esteem, yet they are killing people by the 1,000’s daily that buy the garbage they sell. Don’t they care?? I could never see the fascination with these killers.

If the TOP DOGS are not hustling directly in the streets, their crews are selling the poison back to the kingpin’s kids, grand-children and other youngster like them.  I guess I answered my own question; they don’t give a shit.

Should we feel sorry for the  two ladies in hiding, possibly take up a collection for them? If they are standing the mail box for mine, they have along wait.

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