Never say never

If she can do it; why not  you!! NEVER SAY NEVER

Nadja West; (I will call her Against All Odds) has three shiny reason on her shoulders proving why any person, regardless of race or gender, can achieve what they want if they put their focus and energy toward success instead of failure and work very hard in that direction.


Most importantly; the examples have to be set on the home front by responsibly parents.


She is the first female African-American three-star general in US Army history, the highest-ranking woman ever to graduate from West Point, a wife and still managed with her busy life to have two kids.

General West is the Surgeon General of the Army; a very prestigious position usually held by men (Against all Odds).

Not every one can become the Surgeon general of the Army, BUT, always the BIG BUT; everyone can be the best at what they do, even if they are a dishwasher.

She was adopted by a family in DC when she was two years old. The family adopted a total of 11 kids.  That is remarkable!!

She followed in her fathers foot steps who served in the Army for 33 years, back when the Army and other armed services were segregated.

That always bothered the hell out of me when I was in the Marine Corps that black guys who served with us were not allowed to go into the same places on liberty as we did.  If we had to go into combat; the black Marines bled the same red blood.

General West had a lot of things going against her in the male dominated Army.  She was a female and black, two things the good old boys didn’t like tramping into their territory. Only by her determination and hard work was she able to rise to the rank that she has achieved and become the Surgeon General of the Army.  Some may say, there was a female quota to fill. I don’t know.

With all of the possibilities available to people of all races today; there should not be anyone that say I can’t.  Is it always easy? Hell no but life was not meant to be easy; an issue that most of the younger people don’t understand today because many of them have idiots or no one at all raising them.

Salute to the General and all of her achievements.

Regardless of what your goals are in life; NEVER SAY NEVER

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