Happy Fathers Day to all of the stand up men out there who serve as role models and provide for their kids. These days they are getting more like Hen’s teeth; very hard to find.

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Keep up the good work fellas. It is very difficult to be a good a parent in our so-called modern society with all of the temptations and distractions the kids have.  Be fair, be consistent, don’t say it twice and by all means, set a good example.

To all of the baby making machines and bum fathers out there; grow up and get a life. Zip up your fly unless you are going to take care of what you make.  Dads are very special people – deadbeat dads are just worthless, self-centered  bums.

This is one dude or is it dud I will never forget. He had 34 kids with 17 different women. Many of the kids, he didn’t even know their names. What a piece of trash.

Take a good guess who is supporting the MOTHERS and the kids. The taxpayers.

We don’t even want to mention the ladies that laid down with the guy.  They have to be stellar example themselves.

I am sure there are fools out there that think this guy is super stud and a hero. WRONG; he is a over sexed, irresponsible bum.

Is it a lot easier to be a bad dad, not take responsibility, turn a blind eye to what your kids are doing and agree with them because it is easy way out? You bet it is, but the end result is not favorable.

Lead by setting the example; you will be very proud of the results!! Don’t wait until the kid looks something like this and then try to bend the tree up right.

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Be a good parent first and then a father. Learn to say no; your job is not being popular with your kids. If you can have it both ways, that is a plus.



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