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Patti Lupone Drama League.jpg

LuPone at 2010 Drama League

Born Patti Ann LuPone
April 21, 1949 (age 68)Northport, New York, United States
Residence Edisto Beach, South Carolina, and Kent, Connecticut, United States
Education Guthrie Theater
Alma mater Juilliard School (BFA, 1972)
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 1972–present
Spouse(s) Matthew Johnston (1988–present)
Children 1

Huffington Post

In an interview at the Tony Awards; Patti LuPone really showed what she is made of; in spades and it is nothing to write home about.

“Why should President Trump come see your show?” a Variety reporter, whose life was about to flash before his eyes, asked, referring to the musical Lupone is starring in ― “War Paint.” 


“Well, I hope he doesn’t, because I won’t perform if he does,” Lupone responded, curtly, her pursed lips and cheekbones blazing.


“Really?” the Variety reporter pushed, as if words were autonomously flowing from his mouth.


“Really,” Lupone countered, smiling through gritted teeth.


“Tell me why,” the reporter managed to sputter, his microphone ping-ponging between his chest and the seething face of THE Patti Lupone. 


And then she did unload.


“Because I hate the motherfucker, how’s that?”

In days gone by, it used to be that men were the only people that used filthy language publicly. Thanks to equality between the sexes, the fairer sex is giving the men a run for their money.

Not that any person shouldn’t be able to express themselves as they see fit but as far as I am concerned, society would like to see a lady act like a lady instead of a longshoreman. Sad to say, those days are long gone and never coming back.

LuPone has now lowered herself to the same level as Samuel Jackson with her comment about PDT. Jackson said; If that mother fucker wins the election, I am going to move my black ass back to Africa.

What sets LuPone apart from Sammy Boy; she is of Italian descent, and was raised Catholic. I bet her parents would be proud of her, not to mention her kid.

It is astounding to me that so much hatred has erupted for a man that is trying to get America back to a respectable, safer position in this world.

The fools that criticize him must have had blinders on for the last 8 years Obama was at the helm. I know folks; it is not PC to bad mouth a black president.

I still maintain; criticize if it is deserving,  but try to respect the office of the president.  By their actions the Boulder Rollers are only demonstrating their ignorance by their.


This is something to chew on:

Lupone pissed off by distractions from audience members

LuPone opposes recording, photographs, and other electronic distractions in live theatre. “Where’s the elegance?” she asked in a blog post on her official site. “I mean, I’m glad they show up because God knows it’s a dying art form and I guess I’m glad they’re all comfortable, sleeping, eating and drinking, things they should be doing at home and in a restaurant. But it’s just not done in the theater or shouldn’t be.” LuPone has been the subject of some controversy due to the bluntness of her statements regarding this matter.[70]

A related incident occurred at the second to last performance of Gypsy on January 10, 2009. LuPone, irritated by flash photography, stopped in the middle of “Rose’s Turn” and loudly demanded that the interloper be removed from the theatre. After he was removed, LuPone restarted her number. The audience applauded her stance.[71][72] The event was recorded by another audience member, who released it on YouTube.[73] She later stated that such distractions drive “people in the audience nuts. They can’t concentrate on the stage if, in their peripheral vision, they’re seeing texting, they’re seeing cameras, they’re listening to phone calls. How can we do our job if the audience is distracted?”, and also mentioned that “the interesting thing is I’m not the first one that’s done it”.[74]

On July 8, 2015, during the second act of Shows for Days at the Lincoln Center Theater, LuPone grabbed an audience member’s cellphone while leaving the stage as the audience member had been using their phone during the play. It was returned after the show. LuPone stated:[75]

If this women is so adamant about being distracted while she is performing because of distractions; possibly she can apply her same disdain to the distractions  PDT has to put up with, taking away his ability to doing his job while he is contending with the Ship of Fools!!


Patti Girl; try and act like a lady even if it goes against your grain.

I truly believe, if asked, the majority of the fool’s would not be able to answer why they hate PDT. They are all a bunch of lost sheep following each other jumping off a cliff.


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