There are 1,000’s more like him …..

USA Today

Gunman in congressional baseball shooting had list of names in his pocket

As I said; this nut case hated everyone.

James Hodgkinson, 66, who died in an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement during the shootout in Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday, had a list in his pocket that included U.S. Reps. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Trent Franks of Arizona, The Daily Caller reported. Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Ill., resident who officials said had been living out of his car in Alexandria, Va., opened fire as Congress members and staffers practiced for a charity baseball game slated for Thursday. His social media activity showed a disdain for GOP officials.

The scariest part of situations like these; there are 1,000’s of nut cases like this guy wondering around the streets of this country waiting to pull the trigger.

There really isn’t any way to stop them unless someone drops a dime on them and reports them to the authorities. Even if that is the case, the PC in our culture will not permit their arrest until they pull the pin from the grenade.


My only recommendation is; never trust anyone, be vigilant and arm yourself.

If you decide to carry; first take classes to learn gun safety, buy a good piece, one that will not jam in the heat of the moment, get the proper training on how to use it, never pull the gun unless you intend to use it, if necessary, take good aim, aim for the middle of the body, it is a bigger target than the head and do what you have to do.

It is a shame we have to live like this but this is a sign of the times. It is not bad enough we have the gangs and terrorists to deal with; there are just as many home grown, unassuming, average looking psychopaths in our midst. Although; I could pick this guy out of a crowd on someone not to be trusted. If the look like a rat , smell like a rat and act like a rat; guess what!!


The people that think it can’t ever happen to them are not living in reality.  As we can see by events in the past, the places these shootings are indiscriminate. They happen in church, the movies, eateries, baseball games, concerts and walking down the street.

At least, if a person is armed and knows how to use the weapon, it levels the shooting field.

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