A sad day for the ladies

Dr. Huxtable walked out of court once again and not in handcuffs. The judge in the case was forced to declared a mistrial.


What an injustice to all the ladies he molested and all the other ladies in the world that have fallen victim to similar circumstances.

The man actually admitted he crossed the line, paid many of the ladies off to keep them quiet and STILL it was not enough for some of the nit-wit jurists.

Many people wonder why some ladies that are victim of sex crimes do not report them. This is the answer; they become the perpetrators instead of the victims.  Their entire lives are put on exhibit and they are dissected like a bug in a science lab.  I said it many times; even if the victim is a hooker and they say NO, it is NO.

Hopefully in round 2, the ladies will get some justice.

What is amazing to me is how a family can support a criminal like Cosby.  How would the family or any of the jury feel if it was one of their family members that were a victim??

Are they star-struck, stupid, don’t want to convict one of their own, don’t want to be a racist or all of the above?


As much as I did admire The Coz for his involvement, trying to put the black kids on the right path; I find it hard to feel sorry for the molester.

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