Monsieur et madame étiquette

McDonald’s France has $15 burger that comes with a knife and fork

Leave it to the French to top the charts when it comes to over the top etiquette.

 Published June 15, 2017

Leave it to the French to turn McDonald’s into a fine-dining experience tres maginfique!

On Tuesday, McDonald’s France formally announced that the country’s McDonald’s locations will be offering forks and knives alongside its more expensive burger offerings, reports French news outlet Le Figaro.

As sophisticated as the French Mc Donalds have become, they have not going the whole route by furnishing fine stainless cutlery or China YET; although the utensils will be of a high grade plastic.

Awhile back they started out a test practice in 12 of their locations. It worked out so well they decided to expanded the use of utensils to all the 1,400 other stores in the country.

I guess our French cousins don’t like the idea of eating french fries with their fingers.  They have a hard times getting the ketchup from under their fingernails.

Xavier Royaux, the big  wig in the France Mc Donalds chains says; the recyclable plastic cutlery is an “evolution” for the McDonald’s France brand, which has already taken strides to distance itself from competitors with perks like table service and select gourmet offerings.

On top of the cutlery inclusion, 80% of the French Mc Donalds eateries have table service, upping their status in the fast food business substantially.

It is about time someone put a little polish in the fast food industry.


Viva La France

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