Clairvoyant or what ???

As you can see I did this post almost a year and a half ago.  In it I said that Mr. O was setting up his retirement fund by getting into bed with the Cuban government. Do I have a crystal ball or what??


 Obama Administration To Further Ease Restrictions On Cuba

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He is planting the seed ($$$$$$$) and is going to make a fortune there.

Commander and Chief


Trump unveils new restrictions on travel, business with Cuba


I don’t know the exact amount or does anyone else; this action by PDT  nixing the Cuban deal has cost some high rollers billions.  You can bet they are highly pissed off.  I would not be a bit surprised if many of the investors have dumped huge amounts of money into this venture already on the if come.  Tough shit fellas; be careful of who you sleep with.


Keep it going PDT. Follow Teddy’s advice; speak softly and carry a big stick!! My only advice is; get a bigger stick.


Ladies and gents; sooner or later, it all comes out in the wash.  Being that I seem to be clairvoyant; I am going to predict. Before the Fat lady sings,  some very serious issues that will eventually come to the surface of backdoor dealings of the past administration. Cuba is just the tip of the garbage pit.

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