Keeping it short and sweet

Nancy Pelosi just went off on Republicans attacking Democrats over the Scalise shooting

I have a message for all of the Boulder Rollers in both parties. If they would take a good hard look at this shooter; his motives had nothing to do with politics.  He just used it as a platform to vent his anger.  The fact that the guy hated PDT is irrelevant; he hated everybody.


As I said in yesterdays post; he was a volcano just waiting to erupt.

Boulder Rollers stoking the fires

But; always the BIG BUT. As sure as God made little green apples and it rains in Indianapolis in the summer time; all of the inflammatory rhetoric being thrown around absolutely set this nut case off. Anyone that does not agree; the Ship of Fools still has a few empty slots for new arrivals.  Climb aboard.


NAN and the rest of the Boulder Rollers in both parties should look for a part-time job so it will occupy all of their idle time and take their limited attention span away from the BLAME GAME.

Watching her video; I would think she is auditioning for an major movie role.  If I tied her hands together, she probably would not be able to talk.

End of story.

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