How much evidence does a jury need??

Jury In Cosby Trial Deadlocked, Judge Instructs Them To Keep Deliberating

Just how much evidence does a jury need to convict a serial rapist/molester?

The facts and proof of The Coz being a molester is overwhelming.  So much for getting justice for the victims.


There are 2 black jurist and 10 white. I would be very curious to see which of them are the hold-outs.

Is this yet another case of a powerful black celebrity getting away with a severe crime as OJ did. The circumstances are totally different but the fact that both defendants are well known black people is the similarity.

Cosby has been accused by over 60 women of either rape, drug facilitated rape, sexual battery, child abuse and a host of other charges.

OK folks; possibly there may be 5% of these allegations that are false but 60 women; they can not all be blood-sucking, money-hungry bullshitters.  Lets stretch it to 10%.

This is just another prime example of money walks and the poor guys get there ass kicked.  Whoever said; people money and status can not buy themselves out of a jackpot?

There is a very good percentage of  wealthy people who commit crimes buy their way out of prison. IF they do get sent up, they are living as well in the slams as they did out, some in minimum security prison.  They eat good – have great sleeping quarters – all the books they care to read – all the iron they want to pump and periodically they even have conjugal visits. In the slams they call it The Booty Call fringe benefit.

I always admired Mr. Huxtable before it became public he went off of the deep end.  His involvement in the black community, trying to teach the kids the right ways to live a productive, honest life was amazing. It is a real shame that he had such a sinister side hobby.

The primary reason I would like to see justice is for the ladies he molested or raped.  That may be their only satisfaction for the crimes he committed against them.

Even though there were many of his victims he paid off as HUSH MONEY; the hold-out fools on the jury are either getting their palms greased of they are totally ignorant.

Let us hope that justice prevails for the ladies.


They all can’t be bull-shitters.

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