Mirror mirror on the wall; who …

NBC, Megyn Kelly vow to press ahead with Alex Jones interview amid ratings slump

I said this in a post I did last week; I didn’t think Megyn Kelly was faring as well with NBC (Nation Biscuit Company) as she was with FOX.

One way ticket to Siberia

She seemed to me to have lost the certain zip she had with Fox; the network where she got a gigantic boost in her ratings when she and then civilian PDT put on the boxing gloves. Gotta say; the lady did very well in her combative role by standing toe to toe with The Donald.


Being the grass is always greener; Megyn decided to get got bonnet and left Fox News earlier this year to joined NBC. I think it was a bad move on her part.

I watched her debut episode of “Sunday Night” and didn’t see the same Kelly that I did when she was with Fox. Just OK but not as glamorous and there was a particular spark missing.

7           images.jpg

WITH FOX                                                              WITH NBC

Out of the starting gate with NBC she drew an estimated six million viewers June 4, the show’s second episode pulled just 3.6 million viewers and seem to be on a steady decline.

There is a couple of old saying that apply to the blond bombshell. A person has to realize when they are well off; be careful what you wish for and if it is not broke, don’t fix it.  She would have been better off where she was.

By the time she quit; she and the other ladies had Roger The Pervert  Alies on the ropes for his proclivity of sexual harassing the ladies, so she still would have been safe there.

Now Megyn has herself in a jack pot for booking the controversial talk show dude named Alex Jones to appear on her program.  Jones, the “Infowars” host who has questioned whether the massacre of 26 people, including 20 children, in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax.  He must be related to some of the nitwits that still question  the validity of whether the holocaust really took place.

images.jpg                    index

I guess there is a particular group of fools that follow nut cases like Jones and support his nonsense.  Birds of a feather flock together. The only thing his followers do not know; the dude is most probably conning the shit out of them and taking all the donations they want to send him.  I put them in a close 2nd to the Boulder Rollers that are busting PDT’s goolunies.

I wish Kelly good luck. She has fought long and hard to get where she is.

Let her situation be an example to all of us. The grass may always greener and when you have a loaf of bread under each arm, be satisfied.

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