Boulder Rollers stoking the fires

James T. Hodgkinson is the wack-job identified as the shooter of republican  Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer and members of the congressional police force at  a practice for a benefit baseball game.


It really is inconsequential that the shooter was a Trump hater or a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Psychos like this guy essentially hate everyone. Their inners are constantly grinding away like a rumbling volcano waiting to blow their top.  Many of them have turned on family members and close friends when pressure cooker explodes.

I would not be a bit surprised if the shooter was fired up by the rhetoric  of fools like Madonna, Alex Baldwin, Steve “the piss poor comedian”, Mush Mouth Moore, the red headed female decapitator and the rest of the Boulder Rollers that will not give up their ridiculous attempted defame PDT.  What these fools consider harmless attacks on the President and other political officials has an snowball effect on someone that is not playing with a full deck like the shooter.

These ticking time bomb nit-wits are playing with half a bubble to start with and all they need is a little encouragement or agitation to set them off and push them over the edge.

This is probably what happened today when Hodgkinson went on his rampage. He was stewing over his hatred for the republican party and set in motion a plan to get rid of a few of them.

The only good thing that did come of today’s tragic events; the shooter had his lights put out by some very excellent dedicated policemen.  Killing him saved a lengthy trial, possibly a insanity plea and or years in prison housing the madman.

Sooooo; to all of the Boulder Rolling fools out there.  If you keep up the juvenile little games that you are play to get your rocks off by making idiots out of yourselves and inciting wack jobs like Hodgkins, we will be seeing a lot more incidents like this.

Let us see if SNL can come up with a skit for this being that they have such a morbid, demented sense of humor.

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FOOLS; you ain’t funny anymore and never were!!

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