Ambassador Rodman????

Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea to ‘try and open a door’ to Pyongyang

I learned a long time ago; never say never to anything. As strange as somethings may seem, I never discount anything.

If Dennis The Menace Rodman is the answer to getting the Kid-Dick-Tator to come around, why not.  I really don’t see the fascination between The Kid who has been threatening to blow up the world and the over the hill double-dribbler. But who am I to judge.

One thing I can say with conviction; both Rodman and The Kid are both certified nut cases.  Rodman because of his outlandish appearance and his on the court and off the court behavior through the years.

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Then we have The Kid who has been pamper, spoiled and brain washed since birth to carry on where his grand-daddy and old-man left off; ruling North Korea with a brutal iron hand, living in the lap of luxury while many of their people are starving to death.

I think we can classify their relationship as stranger bed fellows. By the way Rodman dresses and The Kid being so unpredictable, you never know.

Some example of The Kid’s lifestyle:

I can’t see it ever happen where Rodman is the key to taming the fanatical leader of NK. But, always the BIG BUT, if he is the key, might as well open the door.

The Kid will never capitulate. He declared himself too many times for him to back down. As we all know, saving face in the oriental culture is a very big thing.

The best thing we can ever hope for; The Kid to drop ever from a heart attack from his excessive lifestyle or someone in country placing a bomb under his bed.

Dennis may not be as out of it as we all think. Unlike many of the celebs on the Ship of Fools, at least he knew where to put his X on election day.



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