They needed a bullet between their eyes


Pregnant woman dragged across parking lot while trying to stop teens stealing her car

I know, all of the PC-ers and bleeding hearts will be rolling boulders at me because I am toooo harsh. Bullshit.  Thugs like this, regardless of what color they want to hide behind, need a bullet between their evil eyes.

Thugs like them have no regard for anyone but themselves and their lust for crime. They didn’t want to work, they have been spoiled by the system that continues to pour out free welfare for them and their families that have been living off of the government for 10 generations; they have no social skills, respect for anyone and never accept responsibility for their criminal actions. It is always the someone else fault.

The PC-ers want to call them poor misguided kids. I want to call the evil thugs. For all intents and purposes, they could have run over this women and killed her while she was attempting to stop them from stealing her car.

What will their penalty be? If they are minors, they will get a slap on the ass and sent on their way to commit more crime. If they are over 18, they will be sent to the slams for a short period, depending on what psycho judge they get,  where they will spend their time sharpening their thug skills for when they get out.

Is there an answer to problems like this? Absolutely yes; EDUCATION from infancy.  The first thing is to acknowledge there is a problem – secondly have a determination to change it and last; the training, respect and discipline has to be taught the second they pop their heads into the world.

This will never happen because their role models are as bad or worse then they are.


Through the years I have written dozens of posts on the subject of education. Up to this point the governments answer to problems such as this; set up a committee to investigate, have them meet at the 4 Seasons Hotel – spend millions of dollar$ hashing around the same issues – appoint 3 or 4 czars @ $250,000.00 a year to over see the project –  have endless meeting that go nowhere and wind-up in the same place 1 year from when the inquiry started. It is an old sad story.


If the USA started down the education path this very day; that is a big IF; it would take at least 4 – 5 generations to turn the sinking ship around. They never will.
There are 100’s of activities out there to keep kids busy and off the streets but that solution is too easy. Like a permissive, ignorant parent, the government just turns it back on the issue and hopes it goes way by itself.
Personally, I have seen activity groups set up, whether they were martial arts, music, sporting activities, art workshops that keep the kids busy and away from the gang elements but these programs have to be initiated when the kids are young.  We can not wait until the kids are in their mid-teens and have already passed the thug tests of the streets.
If we took a few billion from the trillions we piss and give away, this mission can be accomplished.  The politicians  too busy feathering their own nest rather than giving problems like this their immediate attention. They have been talking about it for years but like a cat on a slippery floor trying to run, they keep banging into the same flower pot and do it over and over again.
If the Ship of Fools dedicate as much time to social issues as they do to their obsession to impeach PDT (they have no case); problems such as this could make some headway.
Ladies and gents; it has to start somewhere. If it doesn’t, crimes like this and others more severe will NEVER cease.
I would like to see the authorities in this country put this country first in an attempt to reform our future leaders.  With the drugs and gang violence, it has become worse by the day.
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