Gotta be %$&*#@ me

North Korea slams Trump for pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement

The Kid Dick-Tator must have run out of rockets to play with.  This piece of work went from wanting to destroy the entire world, to being so concerned about the environment. Now he is rolling boulders at PDT for his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

How can anyone try to begin to understand a nut case like him? He is totally incomprehensible.

Someone better put the Kid out of his misery soon before he acts on some of his threats. If and when his back is ever against the wall or he thinks he is going to the Big Hangover stew bowl in the sky; I have no doubt that he will hit the red button.

1.Hangover stew (해장국)

4_hajangguk_kto.jpg                                index

This is just another great example of his intellect and complexity. Every-time the Kid opens his mouth or blasts off another rocket, he demonstrates just what a nut case and a danger to all mankind he is.  

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un observes a target-striking contest by the Korean People's Army


Look fellas, I see a double breasted blue and red ostrich flying over that banana tree! And they all shake their heads in agreement and applaud their  boss.

And The Kid had the nerve to call PDT shortsighted and silly. I would have thought he could come up with a few better adjectives than that for his arch enemy.

일어나서 장미를 냄새 맡아 라. 어린 시절의 게임으로 파괴하려고하는 아름다운 세상입니다.

LOGO gg - Copy

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