Super Lady

Real-life Wonder Woman Jessie Graff makes ‘Ninja Warrior’ history, again

How would you like to be on the wrong side of this lady?  She has biceps and shoulders bigger than 95% of the male population.


If you do not watch American Ninja Warrior you are missing something.  Currently they have contestants from 3 countries competing for the top Ninja Warriors on the planet.

In the group of American athletes is Jessie Graff, the only female in the competition.  This lady is putting many of the men on her team and the opposing teams to shame with her athletic abilities/prowess. Jessie is one of the very few and only women to complete stage 2 of the almost impossible obstacle course.  So much for the weaker sex, HUH fellas?

The course tests a person stamina, endurance, strength on all of the body parts from the top of the heads to the bottom of their feet, including the finger tips with its very complex obstacles.

Jessie is an inspiration to many ladies, young and old by proving  nothing is impossible and sex barriers are only a myth. She is Wonder Woman – Bat Girl – Super Girl and all the other female super heroins wrapped into one.

Don’t let super-strong body fool you; she is a feminine as they come.

Jessie will probably never beat the men on the clock, which is a big factor in the contest to determine the overall champion but she certainly  has proven that nothing is impossible for anyone if they put their mind. body and determination to the test.

Good luck to the lady ninja gladiator. Hopefully she will keep up the brutal pace and show the boys what it is all about.

If you don’t watch the program, take a peek, you may like it.  The only minus to the program is the annoying screaming of the two male hosts.  I just turn my hearing aid down.

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