Quitting Qatar

Siding against ally Qatar, Trump injects US into Arab crisis

It is not easy being the boss. When everything is going right, they are wrong and when everything is going wrong …..

PDT has a lot of things going for him (I must admit few hang-ups). His most important attribute; he is doing what he thinks is right for the American people and the world despite all of the Boulder Rollers and their criticism.

I have always maintained; if a person wants to be a good boss or be in-charge, they CAN NOT be concerned about being popular. I would say that PDT is a living, breathing example of just that.  In the future refer to him as AGAINST ALL ODDS or the AAO president.

In his latest move, he being chastised for siding with Saudis and the United Arab Emirates over Qatar due to some very credible suspicions that some factions in Qatar are funding terrorism.

I compare AAO to the sheriff that was hired by the cowards in the Old West to restore law and order to their towns. The problem was; after the fact, the sheriff became too powerful, the cowards of the county became fearful of his strengths and MO and wanted get rid of him.

AAO is batting about 750 to this point. In any-ones’ game except a Boulder Roller, that is a good batting average.

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