Mush Mouth Moore

On very top of the idiot list has to be Mush Mouth Moore.  If there was a ranking system in Tinsel Town as there is in the military; Moore would be a 12 star general. FYI; the military only goes as high as 5 stars.


Trumpileaks; website is the brain child of the Moore.

Moore stated in a letter published to his website, said he wants people with knowledge of “crimes, breaches of public trust and misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates” to step forward.

The letter had the tenor of a rallying cry.

“Trump thinks he’s above the law,” Moore wrote. Leaking, he warned, “might get dangerous. It may get us in trouble. But we’re running out of time. We must act. It’s our patriotic duty.

This piece of work did not say patriotic duty, did he?  To demonstrate the lack of IQ, this lad and the other Ultra-liberal sheep in the USA feel that putting our country at risk by blowing the whistle is a good idea.

There are two patriotic things Mush Mouth can do to demonstrate his patriotism.

1. Put a clamp on those lips of his.

2. Do a Casper the Ghost and disappear.

I would agree; if PDT or any of his cabinet were committing crimes or treason against the government, they should be exposed. BUT, always the BIG BUT; if one of them is getting a little side nooky from a Russian, what the hell is the matter with that?

IF; all of the Boulder Rollers would have put 1/10th of their effort into the campaign for the Big Chair as they are putting into trying to find dirt on PDT; they would have won the election. Don’t ever bullshit yourself folks; this is absolutely what this nonsense is all about, nothing else.  They are pissed off BB didn’t make the cut.

The more Moore opens that trap of his, the more Moore makes a fool out of himself. By now, it is something he has become very proficient at.

I don’t know  how many people have noticed; a great majority of the Boulder Rollers are financially well off people that have unlimited resources to make fools out of themselves.  If they had a real job and were compelled to work for a living; we would not hear a peep out of them.

Liberal journalists are biggest losers in Trump victory

AND; they all are still highly pissed off.

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