One way ticket to Siberia

Vladimir Putin: ‘We Don’t Care Who’s The Head Of The United States’

He probably is right. Best of all; if BB would have been elected, The Judo Guy would have been able to continue BAU, riding rough shod over the USA as he did when Obama was in office.

SOOOOOOOOOO; it would have been in Russia’s best interest if BB was elected instead of PDT.

Megyn Kelly is lucky she is not a Russian citizen doing that interview with Putin. The lady put Putin in the hot seat quite a few times and it showed by the expressions on his face. She would have found herself on a train to Siberia this morning with a 12 pound sledge hammer in her hands where she could really break boulders.


I think the look says it all.

I have always maintained;  the USA has no business criticizing other countries for the way they manage their governments when we have such monumental problems of our own to deal with.

Those who reside in fragile domiciles should never roll boulders.

Prediction. I don’t know how long Megyn’s new show will last. In my opinion, she did a better job when she was with FOX.

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