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TERROR IN LONDON: May condemns ‘evil ideology’ behind attacks; 7 dead, many with life-threatening injuries

Yet another tragedy in the UK. What a tragedy.

One thing among many that bewilders me is. According to the authorities in the UK, they knew the identity of the last car crazy terrorist that mowed down the pedestrians, had the scumbag under surveillance for quite a long time but did not want to  violate his rights by arresting him before he committed a crime.

LISTEN UP AND LISTEN CLEARLY FOOLS! Just the act of plotting against the government, in any country, is breaking the law. Are the PC-ers of this world that pathetic that they will forgo the safety and security of its citizens because they are so hung up on this PC thing that has sky rocketed out of control? Based on what we seen, I guess they are. For them; I say they are as ignorant as the terrorists are evil.

How far does this have to go – how many more attacks will it take – how many more bodies do they want to zip up in those black plastic bags before the wise up? Their stupidity is maddening.

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This applies to all of the PC-pathetic fools in the world. Plotting against any government is a crime. It is not necessary to commit the act. The terrorists are going to continue and even heighten their activities if they are not stopped before they do their dastardly deeds. You know who they are, where they are – GET OFF YOUR PC PATHETIC ASS AND GO AFTER THEM.

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU FOOLS? Wake up and smell the napalm; they are burning this world alive and you are give them the gasoline/petrol they need.  Don’t sit on your hands and wait for another incident. 

This is nothing new. I have been touting the same issue for years. Criminals/terrorists do not have any rights!!

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