Rambling fool

IT says that PDT and his family are going to get her. Unless I am mistaken; IT crossed the line first.


In all of her wisdom; IT says she is sorry for what she did BUT intends to continue with her obnoxious tirades making fun of PDT.

IT claims; all she wants to do is make people laugh. IT may have to figure out a different shtick.

IT is very lucky that PDT does not have her arrested for planting the seed for some sicko to try and carry out her demented, what she considers, a sense of humor.

In my estimation, it is not necessary for ANYONE to go to the extreme IT did to make people laugh. I think IT is one of the very few fools that found any humor in what she did.



After the fact, IT made a half-assed apology after she got her tit in the wringer and all of her 4 feet in her mouth.


Just as any other narcissistic would do; IT blames everyone but herself.

Personally, I never found IT entertaining at all. I don’t know what kind of meds this high-strung critter’s saw bones prescribed for her, but I would suggest IT cut the dosages way back.

Hopefully the backlash keeps going and possibly some of the other jokers out there will get the hint to lighten up.

Personally; I thought Sammy BOY was pretty much off the charts with his commentary. The only difference is; he made a fool out of himself before the election.

During a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night the actor said: “If that motherfucker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.”

Criticism absolutely YES. Demented comments, suggestions or innuendos, absolutely NOT.

I hope the public keeps putting the coals to IT. As seen by her statement, she has no remorse what-so-ever, except the fact that her booty is in the bonfire.  IT is very lucky PDT does not her arrested.

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