When is enough, enough??

Clinton calls out Russia for election loss

Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ripping Russia for her November loss to President Trump and accusing the White House of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology to bring her campaign down.

I will compare the Hillary camp before the votes were counted, to an overly optimistic Dude in Cleveland that had a tattoo of the Cavs as 2016 Basketball World Champs put on his arm one month before they won the championship.

The major difference between the two celebrants; Cleveland DID win BUT, the Big But BB (Bill’s Bride) got her BUTT kicked. The Dude in Cleveland can keep his shirt sleeve rolled up for the rest of his life; BB the defeated, has to keep her head down.

The defeated/stomped on are not smart enough to know; just like I have suggested to PDT; the less a subject is talked about, the sooner it will vanish. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

These are a couple of example of just how positive they were that BB and her cronies had it in the bag.



I think he was stuck with the security deposit.



It wasn’t the Russians or anyone else that caused her to lose the election. Although, one person that has been in person the spot light for sometime is who could have been the one that turned the tide. Hint: the 1st initial in his last name starts with a C.

When PDT fired Comey; I thought, this guy (Comey) was responsible, whether intentional or not, for getting The Donald in the Big Chair.  With his 11th hour damning revelations about BB and some of her misdeeds, in my opinion, was what put the hammer to her, the final nail in her coffin. Even Trump was surprised he won.  That is why, when PDT fired Comey, I was very surprised. He should have thanked him or at the very least, kept him on as his driver.

Give it up BB and all the rest of you crape-hangers out there. Your name is not Rocky Balboa and you DID NOT come out on top of the biggest fight of your life.  You are out for the count.


Side note:

I am super elated to see there has been some severe backlash leveled at that obnoxious, vicious, sadistic female, (sorry ladies) for her despicable display of anti-American, sub-human, piss poor sense of humor, or whatever she called it.

CNN has shown some class and did the right thing.  Let us see if any of the other companies tied up with the obnoxious, vicious, sadistic female, anti-American, sub-human witch, has any goolunies and does what is right.

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin From New Year’s Show After Donald Trump Beheading Stunt

Two thumbs up for CNN!!

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