Sick – psychotic imbecile

Kathy Griffin holds bloodied Trump mask in photo shoot with Tyler Shields

Published May 30, 2017


Trash-mouth Griffin is at it again.

The outspoken (ignorant) comedian posed for a photo shoot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields in which she is holding a bloodied mask of President Trump.



How can a supposedly civilized people be so psychotic? This red-headed nut case is a very sick woman; and may I say with a piss poor sense of humor. I know she is not, but she should be ashamed of herself for displaying such ignorance and savagery, even if it is fake as she is.  If anyone in this world finds merit/humor in what she says and does; they are as bad as she is.

I wish someone would tell me why the kids in this country are so screwed up these days.  The answer is as plain as the red hair on this fools head and the very large nose on her face. The examples the kids get from the so called celebs and the media is disgraceful.

This display of gross stupidity and such a sadistic exhibition is something we expect from the savages that belong to ISIS. Possibly they have a new red-headed member in their midst and we just found out about it.

If I was not such a gentleman; I would say she needs a good attitude adjustment with a very blunt instrument.  SHE or IT whatever you want to call IT is a disgrace to this country.

It has risen to the level where all of the TOP FOOLS in this country are in a contest trying their best to top the idiot that came before them. One thing for sure; they are certainly doing a great job displaying their shallowness and lack of intelligence.

If not respect the man; respect the office.

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