Too premature Ostroy

It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did!


If there ever was a foolish statement, this was it. It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did! My response is; are you kidding me?

Evidently Mr. Ostry was watching the news and his jaws got tight when PDT surrogate gave his response to the TV hosts question.

TV News Host: But don’t you think that America is at risk when President Trump divulges top-secret classified info to the Russians?

Trump Surrogate: Did it bother you when Obama did….blah…blah…blah…?

OSTROY: This is the point where I throw my shoe at the TV and usually scream “What the fuck does it matter what Obama did or didn’t do, Jeffrey Lord!? (or Paris Dennard, Kayleigh McEnany, Jason Miller, etc). Trump is the fucking president now!”

Nothing Obama did, said, thought, wished, wrote, mimed, improv’d, or sang matters. Defend Trump if you must, but do so without mentioning Obama’s (or Hillary Clinton’s) name. Try it. I know it’s incredibly difficult. I bet ya can’t…

Where was this dude when Obama was blaming GWB for everything that went down the pike? I know, it was not PC to Roll Boulders at a black president.

Mr. O escaped the chopping block because of his race, more times than Bayer has aspirin.


Many times it is necessary for someone of authority or in responsible position to explain why situations are as they exist. They have to BLAME or COMPLIMENT the person that came before them.

How many times did I hear Mr. O or his crew put the heat on GWB for the conditions the USA was in when he sat in the Big Chair? TOOO many to count. And may I say; in some circumstances he was right.

What should be the answer to the question; whose fault is it?  Why do certain conditions, not all, exist in this country the way they are now? There can be only one answer; because of those who came  before. 

Just one of many examples: Is it PDT’s fault that Iran is using some/most of the 151 bbbillion of dollar$ that Obama released to them to build up their military and arsenal?

When that whore deal went down; most probably the most egregious deal in the history of mankind; I said to myself and posted many times; the USA and its leaders are the only country  in the world that is stupid enough to pay and assisting/help/volunteer to help, their arch enemies into wiping them off the face of the earth. 

Mr. Ostroy; whose fault was that?? That is an on-going condition that is going to bite the world in the ass some day.

If there ever was a display of pathetic capitulation, it was demonstrated by John Kerry and Obama to get that deal done at all costs.  Kerry did everything but get on his knees to bring home the bacon. It was shameful.

Now if PDT & Company are still blaming Obama 2 – 3 years from now; then I would say it is about time they gave it up.

I think Mr. Ostroy is too premature with his tirade.

By the way old boy; do it like The King did and use a gun on the tube instead, it is a lot more effective than a shoe.


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