GIANFORTE WINS SEAT: Republican claims victory in Montana election

The Montana Mauler pulled it out of the cappello after all. It appears that the voters in the Buffalo Pie State love violence, hate Gianforte’s opponent, or really dislike the reported he slammed to the floor.


 Greg Gianforte, THE HULK HOGAN of politics in Montana, isn’t smiling this morning. His chances of getting elected were pretty good; until, he got pissed off at a pestering news reported, lost his temper, and did a HULK HOGAN on the guy by body slamming him to the floor.


Maybe this will put all of the other pain in the ass, pestering reporters on notice; the people of this country are tired of being hassled. I think I will start a new movement in this country on how to communicate with the press; calling it, Gianforte Journalist Communication 101.

It doesn’t appear that the newspapers and other supporters that dropped Gianforte like a piece of hot pepperoni had much drag in the state either.  He got elected even after all of them jumped ship.

I guess he can start showing off those Ipana ivories once again.

397 gianforte_20170526_060257      index.jpg

Congrats Greg. Keep up the good work.

Now that he is elected, I wonder if the authorities will PRESS on with the charges against him. It would be pretty hard to operate his new position for a jail cell.



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