Alms for the poor


Being I like to put my money where my mouth is and always practice what I preach; I sent the Trump organization a couple of bucks during the campaign.   Since then I have been receiving letters for donations quiet frequently.

Today I got one that was totally shocking.

I went to the mail box, got the mail and opened the letter while I was in the street and began reading it while I was walking up my driveway.

I started laughing so hard I fell down, the neighbor thought I had a stroke and she called 911. Before I knew it there was an ambulance and 3 cop cars surrounding me. (I just made all this portion up but all of the rest is true).

This one is very hard to believe so I took photos of the mail I allegedly got from  Melania after I tore it up.

20170526_152544 (2).jpg20170526_152537.jpg

20170526_152402_LI (2).jpg


I like the part in the 3rd picture; laying the foundation for victories in 17 & 18.

I am still trying to figure out if I am supposed to be honored or insulted??? Is this a scam or not?? So much of that going on these days it is hard to tell.

I was already to go out and get some new threads for the shin-dig.

If it is a letter from Mrs. Trump, I think it is an insult to send anyone a birthday announcement and then beg for money.  If it is scam; scammer, hold your breath while you are waiting for my end.

Why would a classy lady like Melania stoop so low as to solicit money for her billion several times over, husband?  I smell a skunk in the wood-shed.

If this is a scam; I would think that PDT would want to put the clamps to it.

If any of you folks get the same announcement I did; let me give you a clew. You are not invited if there is a party, there is no birthday cake or candles to blow out and the limo is not on its way to pick you up.

If the Trump people did send this out ( I am hopeful they have more polish than that) they should all take a crash course by Emily Post on etiquette.

The return address was:

The Republican National Committee

310 First St

Washington, DC

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