Greg Gianforte, THE HULK HOGAN of politics in Montana, isn’t smiling this morning. His chances of getting elected were pretty good; until, he got pissed off at a pestering news reported, lost his temper, and did a HULK HOGAN on the guy by body slamming him to the floor.

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Today, just hours before the pool opened, the would-be HULKSTER was cited for misdemeanor assault. For all intents and purposes, he gave his opponent the victory.

Never can tell; possibly his opponent paid the pain in the neck reporter to hassle the guy.

Many of the newspapers and other supporters dropped THE HULK like a hot piece of pepperoni pizza that is stuck to the roof of their mouth.

I can just imagine what kind of harassment the slamee reporter put on THE HULK to get him so riled up. OR, always the Big OR, THE HULK has a short fuse that cost him a life time of free-bees and a no-duty-chit (military term for a person who has permission to do nothing) and a spectacular retirement in the lap of luxury.



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