It is about time the Ship of Fools …


Media Buzz

Does it matter? No evidence of Trump ‘collusion’ with Russia as media shift focus

Like the British  always say; no shit Sherlock!!

It is about time the Ship of Fools jumped ship and focused their attention on trying to DO-IN PDT some other way.  They have wasted almost 6 months and millions of dollars try to chase the invisible monkey up a tree and could never catch it.  Lets move on ladies.


I must be clairvoyant or something. Yesterday I did a post stating the absurdity  of a Putin – PDT connection. Possibly some of the sailors and sailorettes on the ship read the Goomba Gazette and finally came to their senses.

Tooooo many ?????????

I have been attempting to follow this over-worked, beat up, abused, never ending slaughter attempt on PDT and the issue of the Russians’ interference with the election so it would give Donald Trump the edge over Bill’s Bride.

Based on what I read and understand; if anyone has any commonsense whatsoever, they should know, IF BB would have been elected instead of Trump, it would be a feather in Russia’s ushanka (Russian: ша́пка-уша́нка; to know, for at least 4 more years they would have someone sitting on the Big Love Seat with her advisor hubby that they could manipulate/use and abuse just like they did Obama.

Let us put this in perspective. Why the hell would the Judo Guy be in Trump’s corner when he knows as sure as the Russians eat borscht three times a week, he would not have the same leverage and dominance over The Donald as he would have with BB.  BB and Obama are cut out of the same cloth. She vowed to follow in his foot steps.

Now the fools can zoom in on bigger and more pressing issues, as to why Mrs. PDT slapped PDT’s hand away yesterday when he tried to hold her hand. Very Big News.


How about starting by giving PDT a high 5 for his peace efforts across the pond. Better make it a high 10.



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