Ignorancia en su mejor

New Jersey restaurant employee fired for anti-police note on receipt

The owner of a restaurant in New Jersey is apologizing after an employee called police officers “pigs” on their receipt.

The receipt, which came from Romanelli’s Garden Cafe in Galloway Township, included the words “cops,” “pigs,” and “puercos” — which is “swine” in Spanish.

As I have alluded to so many times before. Who will the fools like these punks be looking to for help when some thug has a 45 stuck down their throats??


Much of what we see going on in this country, demonstrations, anti-Trump rallies, civil disorder, celebrity fool making bigger fools out of themselves then they are already,  has nothing to do with that person or persons intimate involvement with the cops or authority. It is the trickle down effect of the movements/trends of ignorant people that have tunnel vision, want to be part of something but don’t know what and are easily influenced. We can classify them the Lost Sheep of the World, always searching for a place to be accepted. They can not think for themselves, so they play follow the leaders over the cliff.


As far as the cops are concerned; there has to be at least 95% of them that are family oriented people, hardworking, honest citizens that have the protection and safety of the public as their priority. They put their lives on the line daily to protect ALL citizens and even the idiots that disrespect them.

To all of the Lost Sheep out there that have no use for the cops; don’t bother calling them in a panic when your ass is in a jam.

I would love to put ALL of the Boulder Rollers of the cops in the same predicaments to see how they react to life threatening situations.

Is a small percentage of the cops out of line? Absolutely yes. That does not mean that the rest of them should have to pay for the rouge cops sins.

If someones bother, sister, mother or father is a murderer, a thief or some sort of criminal; does it man everyone in their family is too?  It is just that simple.

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