Tooooo many ?????????

I have been attempting to follow this over-worked, beat up, abused, never ending slaughter attempt on PDT and the issue of the Russians’ interference with the election so it would give Donald Trump the edge over Bill’s Bride.

Based on what I read and understand; if anyone has any commonsense whatsoever, they should know, IF BB would have been elected instead of Trump, it would be a feather in Russia’s ushanka (Russian: ша́пка-уша́нка; to know, for at least 4 more years they would have someone sitting on the Big Love Seat with her advisor hubby that they could manipulate/use and abuse just like they did Obama.

Let us put this in perspective. Why the hell would the Judo Guy be in Trump’s corner when he knows as sure as the Russians eat borscht three times a week, he would not have the same leverage and dominance over The Donald as he would have with BB.  BB and Obama are cut out of the same cloth. She vowed to follow in his foot steps.

It was stated before Obama got the nod for president, he was 10 times more liberal than Ted Kennedy. He still got elected. It was also stated BB was 10 times more liberal than Obama. Thank goodness she struck out.

As I said in one of my earlier posts today; the best thing that ever happened to the USA was the BB got bounced in the election.

Just take a look at the last 8 years; then try to convince me that an ultra-liberal government is the way to rule. NOT!!


It is too bad that we can not extract the best from all sides and put them together. That  can be accomplished if the egos were left out of the politics.

How can anyone conclude; if The Judo Guy helped Trump edge out BB, how would benefit Russia? Or is the next thing the Boulder Rollers are going to come up with; PDT and Putin are business partners and have a conspiracy against the USA.  I will admit anything is possible but something like that is too far beyond a possibility.

How many millions or is it billions have the Idiotcrats and our judicial system spent trying to put the burn on Trump. The only thing I can pin on him right now, he speaks/texts sometime when he should not, listened to the wrong people and used bad judgement with some of his cabinet picks.

He absolutely was the right choice between the two candidates.

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