Idiotcratic Party – California’s finest

I coined a new name for the fools in California that call themselves Democrats; it is Idiotcrats. I think the name suits them very well.

‘Fuck Trump’ chant led by California Democratic Party Leader: What’s next?

Leading the pack of  California Idiotcrats at their Sacramento convention was their decrepit, senile, shabbily dressed Ship of Fools  party leader John Burton.

Specifically, he invited the listening-impaired translators onto the stage Saturday at the California’s Democratic Party convention in Sacramento to “thank them,” and then, as they were flashing their hands in applause for his service to the party, he put his middle finger in the air and lead a chant, fuck Donald Trump.

Watch the last 30 seconds of the video to see how the best of the best in the Idiotcratic  party behave themselves in such a undignified manner. These are the same people that wanted to run this country. The same people that want to set good examples for our kids, the same people that can not understand why the USA has gone down the toilet; only because of the leadership of them and people like them.  Take a good look at what is going on in all of the liberal colleges.

In the background were a few others from the Ship of Fools that applauded and thought Burton was brilliant with his off the wall chanting;  Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis. BIRDS OF A FEATHER.


If these Ship of Fools had any sophistication whatsoever as they want people to believe; they would show their discontent for PDT in a much more subtle way than chanting FUCK DONALD TRUMP in public.

As bad as ANY president has been; I have never seen or heard anything on the levels of public displays of disrespect for PDT as we see on a daily basis.

There is one thing that the American public should be very thankful for. Get down on their knees and say a prayer in their own fashion to whomever or whatever they believe in. The best day in the USA’s history was when Bill’s Bride lost the election. Can we even begin to imagine people of this caliber running this country? I guess the answer is yes. We have seen it the entire time Mr. O was sitting in The Big Chair.

By the end of her first term, the USA would still be giving the farm away, kissing very world leaders ass for acceptance, unemployment would be off the charts, the stock market would have taken a nose dive and still threaten anyone and everyone in the Obama fashion; I am warning you, but taking no action leveled at every criminal, terrorist and lawbreaker in this country and the world.

No other man has made the efforts in such a short amount of time as PDT has to turn this country around from disaster. BUT, the Big BUT; at every turn he is running into opposition from the Ship of Fools like this Burton character, finding fault with everything he is doing; including trying to make peace with the religious leaders of the world so they will assist in fighting terrorism. You figure that one out.

Can it be these same people are so naive that they can not see the complexity/dangers of what is happening around the world. Look at the UK last night. Possibly, if the UK officials had thrown this animal out of the country like PDT is doing to the unsavory criminals/terrorists in the USA, this bombing would have not taken place.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

There can only be so many answers to any situation. Either the Ship of Fools are to ignorant to see the forest on account of the trees, they do see the trees but don’t see the forest burning, they don’t think the fire is out of control, they want the fire to burn or they are on the side of the enemies of this country, the people that set the forest on fire.

What PDT is doing in 95% of his moves is attempting to enforce the law as he was sworn to do; something his predecessor neglected to do. As a matter of fact, in some cases Mr. O promoted lawlessness.

PDT is legally within his right to enforce the law but in many cases has some liberal judges (none of which I have seen invite some of the illegals in their own homes for an extended stay) putting down just about everything he proposes.

Who are these bleeding heart people kidding.  As long as the problems facing the USA does not directly impact them, they could care less.  At 1630 or sooner, they get in the back seat of their limo and head down the Yellow Brick Road.

Does it break my heart to see good people, young and old being evicted from the USA, separated from their families because they are here illegally? Absolutely yes. But, they are breaking the law. The law is supposed to be enforced without prejudice. It applies to everyone. BUT, the BIG BUT, that does not not mean I would sacrifice someone in my family’s position/health/security in the USA  to satisfy any illegal.

There are unfortunate things happening all around the world by the second. The USA can not and should not be expected to be the savior of the world. Most of the conditions have been going on for centuries and will not change no matter who or what intervention takes place. Charity begins at home. When our home is in order and we have enough to spread around without jeopardizing our rights/health and security; then by all means open the doors.

Just like I said about the judges; how many of the celebs/sports figures and politicians have they taken any illegals into their private homes for an extended stay?  None that I know of.


What a great example the Ship of Fools are giving to the younger people in this country, many of whom will grow up just like they are because of the examples they set.

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