Relentless fools

Do fools like this hard to look at celeb ever get tired of breaking PDT’s goolunies?  What or where would they be getting their material from if Trump was not in the Big Chair. They should look in the mirror if they want a good laugh.


In my opinion, the material is getting very old. I would think, the fools followers are the same fools that get their jollies off watching SNL. It has never been my thing humiliating someone just for a laugh. Different strokes for different folks.

If the Ship of Fools were honest and got their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine; they would admit; if the other presidential candidate was in office now,  we would be in a lot worse shape the we are.


Without going into all the sorted details, observing the two people that ran for the presidency; based on their history, Trump could not even hold a candle next to the corruption and backdoor dealings of the Clinton Machine.

This obsession with the media and Trump has gone way beyond insanity.  For years the USA has been the laughing stock of the world and it seems, even with a new Sheriff, nothing has changed.

I will agree; the major faults with PDT are his compulsion to blurt anything he thinks at anytime. It is one of his alkalies heals and he is too foolish to see it. I am glad to see the texting has subsided slightly.

The other, his constant comments about the unfair media. If he would just ignore the fools; sooner or later they may get tired of beating a dead horse and go away.  It always takes two or more for an argument.

One of my own cliche’s is; Jesse James probably robbed a couple dozen banks in his hay-day; how many was he blamed for??  1,000’s

If the (MM) miserable media only reported the facts about PDT, that alone would minimize the friction between the two substantially.  As well all know, sensationalism has a strangle hold on the news casters. They have to be the first with the big scoop and the first with the biggest exaggerations. Right Brian.

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