Cut the guy some slack

USA Today

Trump travels to Saudi Arabia as bombshells multiply in Washington

USA Today, along with the other media Boulder Rollers are finding fault with PDT making a pilgrimage to try and make peace. Grow up kids. Look past your vindictive noses and in the mirror while you are at it.

The maniacal media won’t give PDT a break and are busting his goolunies with everything the Sheriff does. If he is wrong, he is wrong; if he is right he is wrong.

I said way back when PDT was running for office; if he pissed in his pants in the second grade, the snoops would find out about and smash his goolunies.

PDT definitely has some short-coming but he is doing things other presidents have not even thought of and still getting criticized.

I am the first one to expound on things he has done if they are not 100%. BUT, I also acknowledge the things that he is doing for the betterment of the country and the world.

USA Today’s headlines:

Trump travels to Saudi Arabia as bombshells multiply in Washington

USA Today is just one of the many maniacal mongers that are constantly on the slaughter wagon busting his chops. Are all of these Boulder Rollers too ignorant to notice all of the accomplishments PDT has made since taking office. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR PORTFOLIO LADS AND LASSES. 

PDT is not one of the establishment or in the good old boys club and they hate outsiders coming in and cutting off their water.

PDT is going to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome to meet with the heads of the respective religions in an attempt to have their religious leaders try and talk some sense into their radical followers. What the hell is the matter with that picture?

There are a ship of fools out there are trying to impeach PDT; that is utterly ridiculous.  It will never happen.


These are the same ship of fools that applauded and supported Wild Bill when he was in a jackpot.

Talk about impeachable offensives swept under the rug. This guy should have had the desk that his girlfriend was under thrown at him.

Tucker said a mouth full. The alternative without Trump is not a good one.

Cut the guy some slack fools and at the very least, don’t try to crucify PDT for his accomplishments.

As the old saying goes; you can always tell the quality of a person by the company they keep! This dude is one of their selected/handpicked spokespeople.  That sort of puts things in perspective.


Quote: If that motherfucker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.”

Jackson is another fool that missed the ship.

For all of the Boulder Rollers; the next ship is set to sail at 2500 hours on February 32nd. Don’t miss it.


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