Ailes hidden ailments

Fox News pays tribute to co-founder Roger Ailes


This is a very strange world we live in. Money and power have always been the dominant, controlling factor as to how some people are perceived.  The more $oldi a person has, to some shallow people, their financial status is how they are evaluated.

One of my favorite cliche’s of all times; you can not put a silk suit on a hog.  People in those brackets  can wear the most expensive cloths, drive the priciest cars, live in the largest shacks money can buy, BUT , always the BIG But, you can not put a silk suit on a hog.


Roger Ailes sudden death came as a surprise to many people. Possibly his ticker could not take the stress attached to being a (I don’t know if molester is the proper word); lets just call him an obnoxious womanizer and having to pay the price for it.

Steve Doocy eulogized by say;  “He was also a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise and to give back,” Doocy said. “During a career that stretched more than five decades his work in entertainment, in politics, in news affected the lives of many millions. And so even as we mourn his death, we celebrate his life.”

That is all well and good. I will agree that Ailes did a lot for the media and entertainment industries but, we have to judge a person on how they treat other people.


One such recorded incident; In 1995, NBC hired a law firm to conduct an internal investigation after Roger Ailes allegedly called David Zaslav a little fucking Jew prick. I don’t know what transpired before hand.  Could have been Locker Room Talk.

Some power-brokers are under the illusion they have a license to tromp on anyone that gets in their way or disagrees with their mode of operation.

When situations like this come around, I always think of Pa Pa Joe Paterno.  For all of the good the man did in his life; the thing he is going to be most remembered for is, Keeping His Mouth Shut when he should have dropped a dime on Sandusky.  That was a real shame because Joe was a true man of honor. He always treated everyone he came across with the utmost respect. His devotion to Penn St. was his demise.

Does Ailes deserve praises for all of his accomplishments? Absolutely yes; BUT the Big BUT, it should not go unnoticed that he was a very tough customer and a womanizer.

As the world turns; it is just another day in history and another person that will be soon forgotten.

Roger Who??

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